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. It is complete with appropriate accessories ,such as accessory assembly, sealing, gripping, protection, etc. The great diversity of usage that the package may take various forms ,such as sheet, bag, box, box, barrel, bottle, etc. . The proposed methodology comprises three phases: Functional needs analysis leading to the development of functional specifications ; The proposal of potential solutions, their validation and the choice of a packaging solution; Description and characterization of the solution, then the development of specifications for purchase. The industry is the packaging industry with a production of PET bottle Suppliers about 12 million tonnes. The packaging, both protectors of content, guarantee security, functionality, first contact with the user or consumer, messengers of the product to the user, brand ambassadors, must meet a number of functions , both technical and marketing. Following its use, the package is qualified sales packages, collecting, or transportation.
On the issue of packaging and packaging waste, Directive government sets essential requirements that packaging must meet. Protecting the environment has become a major concern it is now necessary to incorporate into the design of a package: it is called ecodesign. The first user sector is packaging the food industry which consumes over 60% of packaging products, followed by pharmaceutical, cosmetics and perfumery, followed by detergents, cleaning products, chemistry, manufacturing and distribution.
Packaging, its functions, is an essential partner for all industrial sectors. The packages are subject to standards, regulations and certification systems. The materials represent a turnover of around 17 billion euros, 35% for paper and paperboard, 26% for plastics, followed by the wood, glass, complex flexible and metal ,for example, tin and aluminum.The package is to contain and protect goods, from raw materials to finished products, to enable handling and delivery from producer to consumer or user, and to ensure their submission.And be made from paper, cardboard, plastics, wood, glass or metal.
The standardization work is mainly carried out at European level in the framework of the Technical Committee 261 - Packaging, but other committees addressing issues affecting packaging. In a context where economic, safety, ergonomics, and environmental regulations are especially important in developing new packaging and its definition requires a specific methodology that integrates all aspects of the life cycle of the packaging, taking into account the Couple packaging / product and multidisciplinary collaboration involving real partners.

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